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For as many as 15 years, Metal Team has participated in designing and developing automated solutions - engineering and producing hydraulic clamping systems and supplying comprehensive technological solutions for robotized production systems and manufacturing cells in compliance with customer expectations as well as applicable regulations.

The CNC machinery robotization and automation solutions offered by Metal Team allow our customers to meet the challenges of the ever-demanding and competitive market. We specialize in “turnkey" projects that include delivery and production start-up of cells with different sorts of CNC tools, supporting equipment (e.g. presses, stoves, marking machines, etc.), feeders, blowing, washing and measuring units, based on the work of industrial robots of various suppliers. Acting as an integrator, it is our priority to meet the customer expectations, at the same time being flexible in assembling cell equipment.

  • Projekt automatyzacji dla Kongsberg Koluszki
  • Projekt automatyzacji dla klienta
  • Projekt automatyzacji dla klienta
  • Projekt automatyzacji dla klienta
  • Projekt automatyzacji dla klienta



Based on our many years' experience, and in an effort to meet our clients' expectations, Metal Team developed the robotic pallet systems Rexio®. The systems are designed in accordance with the current technological trends, i.e. simplification of solutions, mobility, flexibility and ease of integration into existing work environment.

REXIO® is a simple and cost-effective way to automate “pick and place” operations for a variety of machines and processes (e.g. machining, grinding, welding, etc.). It allows to increase productivity, and proportionally reduces manufacturing costs. The mobility of the system enables applying automation through several machines, depending on the needs and production load, without the necessity of bearing the costs of complex relocation of the conventional robot + tray arrangement. With maximum limitation of the number of operators (necessary merely to replace the ready workpieces with blanks), the system's user may significantly increase production capacity, at the same time avoiding costs of overtime or weekend employment.

The solutions we offer are always tested, functional, and continuously improved in real-world conditions at Metal Team’s Technology Centre. The additional asset of our company is direct access to the opinions and suggestions of companies operating in the machining industry, which - combined with our own experience - constitutes an excellent input material for organizing and developing new technological solutions. 


  • RexioDRAWER praca z centrum frezarskim
  • Rexio Mini
  • FEED
  • 3 zestawy RexioDRAWER na hali produkcyjnej
  • Chwytak do obsługi tokarki
  • RexioDRAWER praca z centrum frezarskim


We are currently witnessing another industrial revolution, which is reflected in the continued participation of robots in manufacturing processes. This trend will strengthen in the years to come, and will be a factor decisive for the market position of not only large, but also small and medium enterprises. The modernization of production and its nearly full automation in line with the so-called industry 4.0 philosophy is soon to become a key element in achieving competitive edge. To Metal Team customers we can offer our knowledge, experience and modern technological solutions in the field of automation, in hope that we can contribute to the success of their business.


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