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CNC machine tools




Metal Team offers a broad range of numerically-controlled machine tools, one of which will surely meet your technological and economic requirements for machining your workpiece:

  • Vertical, horizontal and five-axis milling centres
  • Turning centres
  • Multi-tasking centres
  • Swiss-type automatic lathes
  • Automatic bar work machines
  • Boring and tapping centres
  • Surface and profile grinders, cylindrical grinders and grinding centres

We offer full technical and technological support for all our machinery, as well as comprehensive training and service.

We are the exclusive Polish distributor of the following manufacturers:


Yamazaki Mazak Company is the world's leader in CNC machine tools and laser processing machines. With over 250 models in its offer, Mazak's assortment includes CNC lathes, machining centers, multi-tasking machines and automation systems. Mazak machines are applied in numerous branches of the industry, including metallurgic, machinery, automotive, railway and aviation industries. The wide range of its global clients includes Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Bosch, Samsung, Nissan, Harley Davidson, Toyota, Canon, Caterpillar, Boeing and many others. 



Citizen Machinery Co. Ltd is among the world's leading swiss-type automatic lathes manufacturers. The company's offer includes automatic machine tools as well as automated centers. After its 2011 merger with Miyano Machinery, the company's assortment was enriched with bar work automatic chuck lathes designated for work pieces with bigger diameter. At present, Citizen and Miyano have manufacturing plants in Japan, Thailand and Philippines, and its machines are used in a number of industries - particularly including the automotive, medical and IT industry - for manufacturing clocks and hydraulic elements.



Brother is a manufacturer of boring and tapping centers which are mainly used for manufacturing parts for the automotive and electronic industries, including cell phones and hard drives. Brother Industries Ltd corporation was established in year 1908, and is currently in possession of 19 factories and 41 sales offices in 39 countries worldwide. Until 2012, its global sale amounted to over 100 000 pieces of machine tools.  



The offer of Okamoto contains a very wide spectrum of grinders, including, among others: surface grinders, profile grinders and cylindrical grinders. Its products range from standard machines to custom automatic units equipped with modern, high-efficiency CNC controllers. Okamoto company was founded in 1926 in Japan. Its first grinder was released in 1930, and presently its network of representatives covers over 70 countries worldwide.