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For over 20 years we have supplied top quality machines to the automotive, construction, power engineering, electronic, aviation and medical industries. Our experience in machining, support in technological projects, reliability in servicing CNC machine tools and effectiveness in training operators and programmers are relied on by over 1500 companies. The 1800+ machines sold nationwide permit us to believe that our professionalism and efficiency has been appreciated on the market.

See an extract from our portfolio below.

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Opinions about us

"The representatives of Metal Team with whom I had the pleasure of working are competent people with extensive industry experience.”

ThyssenKrupp Presta SteerTec Poland Sp. z o.o.

„We are in possession of 9 machines supplied, installed and serviced by Metal Team. […] The professional customer service and engagement guarantee our intent to do business with the company for the future investments.”.

Gomet, Radom

„We can recommend Metal Team as a responsible partner with significant experience, capable of realizing many ambitious projects, who will meet the expectations of even the most demanding of customers.”


„The collaboration of our companies in the CNC machinery sale, aftersale service and clamping system area dates back ten-odd years. […] We recommend Metal Team as a trustworthy partner who provides their services professionally and reliably”.​


„We can wholeheartedly recommend Metal Team as a partner, vouching for his full professionalism, timeliness and diligence in producing clamping systems.”

UniMould S.A.

„We have a total of 15 machines supplied and serviced by Metal Team. [..] The quality of training our personnel in operating and programming the machinery has fully met our expectations; we can always count on quick and professional help from the service for any questions or issues.”


letters of recommendation